Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thinking Too Far Ahead?

Daniel and I have already decided what our costumes will be for our first Halloween with Zooey. While watching Parenthood (our latest Netflix obsession), he decided being an old-school baseball player would be pretty awesome.
To along with the theme, I thought I could maybe find a cute (appropriate) umpire-like outfit. (But I just found a cute female baseball player costume, so maybe we'll go with that. Who knows?) BUT the icing on the cake will be our sweet, pudgy little bundle of joy. We'll be dressing her up like a fat little baseball, complete with face paint and embroidered onesie.

This probably sounds pretty lame and I really don't care about sports in the least, but I can't get over the image of her dressed up like a little ball! :D I'm a little concerned about painting her face so maybe we'll just skip that part. ...Maybe we'll scrap this entire idea! I just know I'm excited to have my little baby girl here in my arms instead of in my tummy!

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