Tuesday, September 20, 2011

14 weeks (and 5 days)

I considered waiting until week 15 to start this, but I knew the longer I waited the more likely I would be to put this off until I forgot about it completely.  This blog would fall by the wayside before it ever got off the ground.  So here's a look back at our 14th week!

How far along?
14 weeks and 5 days!  (It's easy to remember weeks since they start on Fridays.)
Maternity clothes?
I have a few tops, but I don't really need them.  When I sit down my belly flops over my waist band, but when I stand up I have a seriously flat stomach.  What's up with that, body? 
Stretch marks?
None yet, and I'm applying lotion almost every day in the hopes of keeping them at bay. 
All I want to do is sleep!  Getting to sleep is the easy part, but I wake up around 4:00 every morning and have a hard time getting any rest after that.  As far as comfort goes, I'm not relying on the body pillow....yet! 
Best moment this week?
This isn't baby related really, but fiance and I will be celebrating our anniversary tomorrow.  It should be pretty exciting.  <3 
Food cravings:
Chicken Stew from The Flounder.  All day, every day. 
Belly button in or out?
Still very much in.  I asked mom about it one day, and she said hers never changed.  Hopefully I'll be so lucky. 
No.  Thought I felt a little wave of something once, but it was just a burp.  :(
What I miss?
I'm not a booze hound or anything, but I really miss wine.  And being able to go anywhere I want.  (Fiance has officially ruled out anywhere that isn't strictly non-smoking.) 
What I’m looking forward to: 
Seeing our baby move again next week....and hearing its heart beat! 
Picked our favorite little girl name this week: Zooey Sawyer. 
What baby looks like this week:
Coming Soon!

"The baby thought I should sleep in today" and Other Pregnancy Perks

I never thought I would be one of those moms who documented the journey of her pregnancy for all the interwebs to see.  I didn't think I'd ever want to take pictures of my belly from week to week as my future child grew.  I never saw myself crying when I observed a married couple with their child(ren), happy and smiling, anticipating feeling that joy myself.  But here I am, contemplating where in our home we should take the weekly belly picture, thinking of things I can write about while at work.  I'm doing things I never imagined, but I couldn't feel more complete.  (Which isn't to say I'm always happy, but I can talk about that later.)

Fiance and I will be expecting our offspring in March of next year.  We don't know the sex, sometimes we don't even remember how far along we are, but we do know a few things: baby is the size of a lemon and apparently likes settling right near mommy's bladder.  Also, she/he has an appetite and attitude like mommy (stubborn and cranky when hungry).  We've already picked out names; that happened with surprisingly little trouble.  ....Except when his friends tried to help and somehow kept coming up with animal names and things like "Shooter".

I'm starting this blog to help myself remember all the small things that happen during our pregnancy, things I know I'll want to look back on and tell our rotten little brat.  :)  I'll be keeping track of a list of things each week and adding a belly picture, hopefully keeping everyone in the loop!  Hope you enjoy our journey as much as we will enjoy experiencing it!