Thursday, February 2, 2012

Updating on time: 34 weeks!

How far along?
34 weeks- so close!
Maternity clothes?
Yes~ We went by Plato's Closet today and I found myself being creepy around the dress rack, whispering to them "soooon". I'm weird. So what?
Stretch marks?
Might make it through this with none, despite all the nay-sayers.
Ugh, what is sleep? I woke up every hour last night bc I couldn't stay comfortable. Everything hurts all the time and I have to pee constantly. Am I done being pregnant yet?
Best moment this week?
My birthday was yesterday, and I got to spend the whole day with Daniel. It was awesome!
Food cravings:
Strawberries. <3 Belly button in or out?
Still cute and flat.
Her kicks and jabs are becoming much less cute and causing way more pain.
What I miss?
Not being in pain every time I move.
What I’m looking forward to:
The next baby shower. :)
"This week, your baby measures about 17¾ inches, as almost as long as an American Girl Doll (!) and weighs almost 5 pounds, as heavy as a bag of sugar, minus the cup you put in your decaf this morning."
What baby looks like this week:

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