Thursday, January 26, 2012

33 Weeks Today!

How far along?
33 weeks! Getting closer!
Maternity clothes?
I feel like I'm wearing the same pants every day (when I actually get dressed) and I get really down when I see all the cute, tiny clothes and bathing suits stores are putting out now. I'm ready to be thin again!
Stretch marks?
Apparently lotioning up the belly twice daily is really doing the trick. :)
I'm sleeping any and everywhere (took a nap in the car while waiting to pick Daniel up from work). My naps are more frequent as well, which is pretty nice.
Best moment this week?
WE GOT A CAR! No more being stuck and trying to bum rides from people! When I'm hungry I can go get food/go to the store, I can go rent a movie whenever I want! I never thought I would be so thankful for a vehicle!
Food cravings:
Baked spaghetti! (And that's only because I know Brittany and Jonathan will be cooking for us Saturday night! So excited!)
Belly button in or out?
Still cute and flat.
She seriously won't hold still. And I've started feeling a lot of downward pressure today (really unusual, since she tends to sit so high). She's also started getting the hiccups a lot.
What I miss?
This is going to sound weird, but I really miss having my own apartment. This week I've caught myself wishing Daniel and I had just stayed in the 2 bedroom at Country Club but I know there's no way we could have afforded that (and we were planning on moving to Asheville anyway). I just miss the privacy of not living with 3 other people.
What I’m looking forward to:
Putting the crib together! We decided to tackle that project after this next baby shower!
"Both you and baby are putting on some serious weight at this point. You'll probably gain about a pound a week for the next few weeks, with half of that poundage bulking up baby. He'll likely double his weight in the next eight weeks."
What baby looks like this week:

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