Monday, January 16, 2012

31 weeks, 4 days!

How far along?
31 weeks, 4 days
Maternity clothes?
Still really diggin' the stretchy pants deal. I'm getting kind of sick of maternity tops though. I feel like I wear the same thing, day after day (which isn't true). I've even started pilfering my husband's shirts; he doesn't care for that at all. "Wear the maternity clothes, you look pretty!"
Stretch marks?
Even though it feels like I've more than quadrupled in size, I still have no battle scars to show for it.
Ugh, sleep. Some nights I can be so tired that I'm a goner when my head hits the pillow. Others, I start off laying on my side but that hurts my hip and my nose drains to one side. Then I lay on my back...which hurts my tail bone and I can't breathe. It's pretty hit or miss at this point.
Best moment this week?
This week's best moment has yet to come! (Baby shower this Saturday.) But if I had to choose from what has happened so far...I'd pick what happened about 5 minutes ago. I was looking through some old Facebook stuff and I could literally see where I would be right now if I hadn't wised up. I would have been so miserable with my life! From this moment on, I vow to be so thankful for everything that my life is instead of focusing on what I think it lacks.
Food cravings:
Monterrey's cheese steak with rice and an order of mild cheese dip! (Nothing, really, until I read that. Thanks, self.)
Belly button in or out?
It started acting like it wanted to poke out a bit, but seems to have collapsed in on itself.
WHO TAUGHT HER IN UTERO KICK BOXING?! She can literally jolt me out of my chair sometimes; it's really starting to make me sick.
What I miss?
My pre baby clothes. I bought a pretty dress for Easter, but have no idea if it will even fit by that time. Shopping used to really lift my spirits but now it just makes me depressed. Especially when I catch a reflection of myself waddling by in a full length mirror.
What I’m looking forward to:
Getting back to my pre pregnancy weight! Woo!
Finally into the every 2 week visits. Not much longer now...
What baby looks like this week:

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